Portuguese Fine Pixel Artist Mário Sousa Announces His Intimate Debut Solo Fine Pixel Art Exhibition Tour.

About The Press Release: Debut Exhibition Solo Tour

Madrid, Spain - 03 June 2018.

Last updated on: 1 January 2019.

Portuguese fine pixel artist Mário Sousa, announced today that his intimate "Fine Pixel Art In RGB" debut solo exhibition tour, will display unseen digital paintings created by the author from his debut multi-series Receptors body of work, and introduces his upcoming debut multi-series body of work: Rainbow exhibition tour.

Mário Sousa is a fine pixel artist known for using only primary colours: Red, Green or Blue, without mixing any of the primary colours in his digital paintings.

Mário Sousa's "Fine Pixel Art In RGB" takes you in a journey of discovery, on the relationship between light, shadow, primary colours and the viewer in the creation of secondary colours.

Mário's unique digital creative process incorporates traditional drawing and painting techniques into digital form - including hatching, cross-hatching, light manipulation, color manipulation, and direct pixel manipulation.

Mário digitally (re)creates photographs as large scale fine pixel art, digitally printed on fine art paper. His large scale recreations can be customized to reach any Height or Width.

Mário creates his fine pixel art in Madrid, Spain.

Regarding his solo fine pixel art exhibition tour, the artist said: "We desperatly need to fill our world with colour. We live our lives in a fast paced society that constantly forgets that we inhabit a tiny blue planet that is crumbling beneath our feet. The beauty of the colour in our world exists because we bring colour to it. We need to light up the colour inside all of us, and make a meaningful change inside all of us."

Mário's intimate fine pixel art exhibition tour is scheduled to premier in Madrid, Spain and will showcase unpublished digital paintings created by the author in various large scale formats, including: A4, A3, A2 formats.

Mário's body of work combines programming, physics, human biology, and photography with his unique digital creative process that incorporates traditional drawing and painting techniques into digital form - including hatching, cross-hatching, light manipulation, color manipulation, and direct pixel manipulation.

The exhibition marks the international solo exhibition debut of Mário's fine pixel artwork, and will exhibit the artist body of work composed, pre-produced, produced, and post-produced over two years of digital artistic experimentation and expression.

About The Tour: "Fine Pixel Art In RGB"

"Fine Pixel Art In RGB" is a premier fine pixel art photography exhibition appreciation tour that exhibits unseen pieces from Mário's debut's body of work: Receptors, and will also introduce his up and coming Rainbow themed series.

The exhibition is an environment of art appreciation and reflection of the artist body of work, that portrays his subject matter.

The exhibition show is the culmination of years of personal dedication, mind-blowing curiosity, intrigue and self-study of the fascinating world of the fundamental properties of light, including two years of artistic exploration, expression, and pre-production.

Inspired by his personal interest in the fundamental properties of light, Mário's artistic visual communication exhibition show aims to expand cultural understanding, and inspire curiosity on the fundamental mysteries about How Nature Really Works.

And, that still continues to defy the physical, metaphysical and beyond.

Mário's debut exhibition show is scheduled to premier in Madrid, Spain in 2019.

The exhibition also marks the beggining of his international exhibition tour scheduled to exhibit in multiple cities around the World.

The international exhibition dates will be officially announced in the next months, and can be consulted on the international exhibition tour schedule.

A crowdfunding campaign will be launched in 2018, to crowdsource the remaining funds to support his premier solo exhibition show in Madrid, Spain.

The crowdfunding campaign was launched on GoFundMe between September and December of 2018 and did not gather the minimum funds required for Mário to continue to support his studio in 2019.
He continues to perfect his art and continues to pursue professional art gallery representation to exhibit his body of work.

About The Display: Fine Art Materials


The artist body of work is printed on the highest quality of fine art materials, using Hahnemühle Photo Silk1 310gsm, and Canon Satin Photographic 260gsm fine art paper.

An Artist Choice Since 1584.

1 Hahnemühle Silk Baryta® is a trademark of Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH..

Digital Printer

The artist body of work is printed using the highest definition digital printer's: Canon imagePROGRAF1 PRO Series.

A Photographer's Obsession.

1 Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000® and Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-6000® are either a trademark or registered trademarks of Canon..


The artist does not frame his body of work in any plexi-glass, standard glass framing to reduce any possible refraction of light from transparent materials.

In his body of work exhibitions, Mário strives to achieve optimul light wave conditions for the viewer's observing experience.

About The Exhibition Experience: Pure Physics.

Viewer's will experience through the naked eye the fascinating effects of light waves communicating secondary colour information to the Human Brain, without any gimmick, virtual reality or additional augumented reality material.

The visual experience happens through the fascinating world of quantum physics: Our Reality, and will experience how light waves carry the information of secondary colours to the Human Brain.

All of the artwork to be displayed is conceptualy created by the artist.

Mário digitally draws and paints using only primary colours: Red, Green or Blue, without mixing any of the primary colours. All secondary colours are painted only by the viewer.

About The Artist: Mário Sousa

Mastering and perfecting digital pixel painting with only primary colours, Mário's trichromatic digital paintings blend imagination and reality to take us into a reflectionary world painted with a colourfully paradoxal journey of existential meditation.

Mário's simplistic visual colour narrative invites us to discover the complex portrayal of his subject matter.

A painter of paradoxes, Mário explores the individuality and the immateriality contradiction of his subject matter with multiple imaginarly compositions of colour.

In his body of work, Mário meticulously places us in the center of the narrative, as we unfold the composition of imaginarly and flamboyant colours in his colourfully digital paintings.

Influenced by his passion for Quantum Mechanics, Mário's unified body of work combines his fine art photography exploration with the physical properties of light to brings us a coloured metaphysical and existencial journey through our observation.

Mário won in 2018 the ARTITCO International Award A PICTURE PAINTS 1000 WORDS, London, United Kingdom for his Receptors series artistic debut.

His digital and printed unified body of work was perfected over an experimentational period of two years and he continues to pursue the perfection of his fine pixel art and is currently searching for professional gallery art representation.

Mário Sousa.® was born in 1980 in Oporto, Portugal. He graduated in Software Engineering at Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto. He currently lives and works in Madrid.

His website can be found on: www.mariosousa.com.

He can also be reached at: info[@]mariosousa.com

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All Complementary Colours Are Painted Only By You.
- Mário Sousa.®, Fine Pixel Artist.

The Body Of Work You Paint.

So You Can Paint Your Colours. One Colour At a Time.

Fine Pixel Artist.

Mário Sousa.®

Is an international registered and protected trademark for Graphical Fine Art.

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