Quantum Physics Most Complex Problem.

Wave Function Collapse.

The simplicity in expressiveness in the Artist Body of Work makes you experience the wave function collapse in the most personal and interactive way possible.

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Your Wave Functions. Simplified.

Imagine you are a particle.

Quantum physics describes you, as a complex mixture of different probabilities: Quantum States.

This complex mixture of probabilities is commonly refered to as a Wave Function.

And, you can visualize this complex mixture of probabilities as a simple Wave(very similar to an Ocean Wave).

You can have different Wave Functions that interact with each other.

And, that ultimately physically describe you.

Red, Green, Blue waves represent different probabilities, and represent different quantum states.

Your Superposition. Even Simpler.

Your wave functions can interfere with each other.

This complex interference is commonly refered to as Superposition.

And, when all these wave functions interfere with each other, they create other wave functions that are Superpositions of the other wave functions.

You are now a superposition of different waves.

Red wave is a superposition of Green and Blue Waves.

Your Observation. Your Collapse.

You are a Superposition of all the different wave functions that describe you.

When you observe this text.

You now experience the collapse of your Wave Functions.

And, you are now reduced to a single quantum state:

You are now here reading this text.

Quantum Physics is simply complex as that.

By observing this text, you experience the collapse of your wave functions, and you are now reading this text.

An Interactive Body Of Work.

Superposition of Colour.

Made for you to experience the most complex problem in quantum physics: Wave Function Collapse.

Receptors, Rainbow, Polarization

You Paint Your Colours When Observing1.

The combination of art, technology, science, human biology, and quantum physics creates an interactive body of work that you paint when you observe.

The secondary colours are not physically created, and do not physically exist in the photographs.

All secondary colours are painted only by you.

The secondary colours live inside you.

And, are unique to you.

Because, the colours are not physically in the photograph.

It is you that creates them, when you observe the image1.

The image is painted using only Red, Green or Blue colours. It is you that paints it, when you observe it.

Colour Superposition.

Conceptual Perfection.

The craftsmanship of portraying subject matter is planned for you in every detail, so when you appreciate the Artist body of work is just that: Perfection.

Your Superpositions. Your Primary Colours.

The Artist portrays his subject matter, by drawing and painting multiple tones of Red, Green, or Blue.

That represent superpositions of primary colours.

And, when you observe.

You experience the collapse of the superposition of primary colours to a single secondary colour.

Primary colours are reduced to secondary colours.

That are unique to you when you observe1.

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All Complementary Colours Are Painted Only By You.
- Mário Sousa.®, Fine Pixel Artist.

The Body Of Work You Paint.

So You Can Paint Your Colours. One Colour At a Time.

Fine Pixel Artist.

Mário Sousa.®

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