Welcome To The Art Of Light.

Experience The Most Paradoxical Scientific Mystery In The Universe.
- Mário Sousa.®, Fine Pixel Artist.

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Masterful creativity from simplicity
Financial El Mundo
Grupo Teiba
A work of art
Bingene Armenteros
Chief Curator, Director Arte Berri
Digital pixel genius
Iberian Press

A Body Of Work Made For You.

Make art on your own.

Just observe it and colour your artwork1.

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As Featured In

A Body Of Work Digitally Painted Using Only Primary Colours: Red, Green Or Blue.
Cyan, Magenta, Yellow
- Mário Sousa.®, Fine Pixel Artist.

A Personal Interactive Artwork.

Learn how technology, biology, light, and quantum physics creates your unique artwork2.

Artist Subject Matter.

You now understand more about quantum physics than ever before. And, it is as easy as it is fun.

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Artist Series.

Explore how you experience the subject matter, and how you bring colour into your life.

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Superposition of Colour.

Every quantum principle - with a simple observation2.


Crafted Just For You.

A Quantum Physics Artwork.

Made For You With A Premier Programming Language.

Over 6.370 hours of C++ programming, and over 1.17 billion pixels painted one pixel at a time.

Free From Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Mining or any Commercial Photo Editing Software.
100% Programming By The Artist.
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All Qualities.

In Every Artwork.

Explore The Qualities That Are Perfect For You.

100% Handmade.

From artistic composition, programming, paper handling, printing, and shipping preparation, everything is 100% hand-made for you.

100% free from retail mass-production.
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Premier Fine Art Material.

Printed on Hahnemühle1 fine art material, your print edition has fine art quality.

Extra-Large Formats are printed on Canon2 Satin Fine Art Paper.

1Hahnemühle is either a trademark or a registered trademark of Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH.
2 Canon is either a trademark or a registered trademark of Canon.

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Premier Printer.

All of your editions are printed on award winning fine art printer: Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-10001, and on Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-6000

1 Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000, and Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-6000® are either a trademark or a registered trademark of Canon.
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Premier COA.

Your edition is issued with a premier Hahnemühle Certificate of Authenticity hand-signed by the artist for you.

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Discover More About Your Printed Editions.

Your printed editions are artistically designed using cutting edge technology.

Combining traditional drawing and painting techniques with science, technology, and quantum physics.

Your editions are the most advanced interactive artworks that have ever been printed on fine art paper.

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Solo Exhibition.

Arriving To Your City Soon.

Scheduled to Premier in 2020, in Madrid, Spain.

It's The Most Advanced Interactive Solo Exhibition You Will Ever Observe3.

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Whatever you are looking for, you will find an edition for you.

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Series Specs.

Read everything you need to know, and discover the details in your printed editions.

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Unique Gifts.

Now you can give unique gifts, that are unique to celebrate. Celebrating just became more unique.

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Unique Events.

Whether rewarding your employees or providing your clients with an unforgetable visual experience, you now can promote your company with a unique event.

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Need Help Finding More About The Artist?

Read the FAQ's section, and explore more about what the Artist has written for you to read.

Learn more about the Artist.
All Complementary Colours Are Painted Only By You.
- Mário Sousa.®, Fine Pixel Artist.

The Body Of Work You Paint.

So You Can Paint Your Colours. One Colour At a Time.

Large Scale Commissions.

The Artist can customize large scale commissions.

Fine Pixel Artist.

Mário Sousa.®

Is an international registered and protected trademark for Graphical Fine Art.

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