Three Receptors.

Three Colours.

The Artist Series are designed to make you experience colour the way Mother Nature has designed you to experience colour.

Your Human Eye Biology Engraved In All Series.

Your retina contains more than 130 million photoreceptor cells that convert light waves into electrical signals that stimulate biological process in your brain that creates and allows you to define colour.

Your photoreceptor cells are divided into three types of cells: Red, Green,Blue cells, and as thus your eyes are known to be Trichromatic.

And, its this complex sensitivity of your photoreceptor cells to different visible light wavelengths that triggers a biological process inside your brain, that ultimately results in your definition of colour1.

Different Light Wavelengths.

Different Colours.

You experience colour through a complex mixture of Human Biology and Quantum Physics.

Your Colours In Every Light Wave.

The millions of photoreceptor cells in your eyes are sensitive to small variations in light wavelengths, and are commonly divided into three types of light wavelengths: Short(S), Medium(M),Long(L) wavelengths.

Regardless of the complexity of light wavelengths, your eyes reduce these variations of wavelengths to only three colour components: Red, Green,Blue.

And, when all your photoreceptor cells react to all light wavelengths directed at your eyes, it ultimately allows you to define colour.1.

Your eyes can distinguish approximately 10 million different colours2.

Multiple Artistries.

Mulitple Combinations.

Everything is combined together for you through State-Of-The-Art Technology, and Traditional Art Design Techniques.

Your Colours Made For You In Three Colours.

The Series are designed through a complex mesh network of Red, Green, or Blue pixels painted with precise Red, Green,Blue tones using traditional art design techniques.

The network and colour permutation is so complex that a single variation in tone, and pixel position, makes the image and the colour imperceptible to your eyes.

It's the most advanced interactive thrichromatic photograph ever designed.

Pure Biology.

Pure Quantum Physics.

You Experience Colour the way Mother Nature has designed you to experience colour.

You Paint Your Colours When Observing3.

The combination of art, technology, science, human biology, and quantum physics creates an interactive photograph that you paint when you observe the image.

The secondary colours are not physically created, and thus do not physically exist in the photograph.

All secondary colours are painted only by you.

After the different light wavelengths communicate different colour information to your photoreceptor cells in your eyes, your personal biological electrical signal process begins, and it is your Human Brain that paints each secondary colour.

The secondary colours live inside you.

And, are unique to you.

Because, the colours are not physically in the photograph.

It is you that creates them, when you observe the image3.

Conceptual Perfection.

Printing Perfection.

The craftsmanship of your editions are planned for in every detail, so when you receive them they are just that: Perfect in every way.

For more detailed information, you can also read the FAQS section about "What about your digital printing technique? Can you tell me more about it?".

Your Colour Made Possible With Advanced Printing Technology.

The Series are printed on fine art paper, using the latest advancements of 12 inkjet printing technology that colour corrects the missing RGB Colour Spectrum definition in regular printers3.

And, that allows you to experience the most accurate definition of secondary colour.

From the moment when precise light wavelengths are reflected from the Red, Green, or Blue dots from the fine art paper.

Until when the precise light wavelengths enter your photoreceptor cells.

The light wavelengths are just perfect for you to start painting your secondary colours3.

It's the most advanced interactive thrichromatic photograph that has ever been printed on any fine art paper.

Artistry In Numbers.

Numbers In Artistry.

Discover the numbers that create your artwork.

More than



More than


pixel painting techniques.

Combination of


fields of study.

Body of Work


free from Artificial Inteligence.

More than


hours of programming.

More than


billion painted pixels.

A Size


times larger than the original image.

More than


hours of refinement for each new created image.


Whatever you are looking for, you will find an edition for you.

Browse the Editions.

Series Specs.

Read everything you need to know, and discover the details in your printed editions.

Browse the Series Specs.

All Qualities.

Qualities In Every Artwork.

Explore The Qualities That Are Perfect For You.

100% Handmade.

From artistic composition, programming, paper handling, printing, and shipping preparation, everything is 100% hand-made for you.

100% free from retail mass-production.
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Premier Fine Art Material.

Printed on Hahnemühle1 fine art material, your print edition has fine art quality.

Extra-Large Formats are printed on Canon2 Satin Fine Art Paper.

1Hahnemühle is either a trademark or a registered trademark of Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH.
2 Canon is either a trademark or a registered trademark of Canon.

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Premier Printer.

All of your editions are printed on award winning fine art printer: Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-10001, and on Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-6000

1 Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000, and Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-6000® are either a trademark or a registered trademark of Canon.
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Premier COA.

Your edition is issued with a premier Hahnemühle Certificate of Authenticity hand-signed by the artist for you.

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View The Work.

All Complementary Colours Are Painted Only By You.
- Mário Sousa.®, Fine Pixel Artist.

The Body Of Work You Paint.

So You Can Paint Your Colours. One Colour At a Time.

Fine Pixel Artist.

Mário Sousa.®

Is an international registered and protected trademark for Graphical Fine Art.

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