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Mário Sousa was born in 1980 in Oporto, Portugal and his entry into the art world was everything, but traditional.

From his early childhood, his vocation towards computers placed him on a successful career path in the international corporate software engineering world. At the age of 19, he was recruited by the largest insurance software provider in Portugal and co-developed the solution that revolutionized the e-insurance market in the late 1990's.

In his mid-twenties, Mário he quickly established himself in the top 3% talents in his field of expertise: the programming language C++ and was regarded as one of the efficient and brightest software engineers to ever lead a Fortune's 500 software engineering team.

Over a period of several years, Mário slowly begins to lose passion for his work, and in late 2016 decides to quit his full-time job and find his passion again.

Mário then starts one of the most "mental absorbing challenges" in his life.

He undergoes an intensive drawing and painting process, in which Mário explores, experiments, and combines traditional drawing and painting techniques with photography, programming, physics, and human biology.

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Compelled by his long-time fascination of Quantum Physics and of the physical properties of light, Mário dedicates himself full-time into the study of his art, and since 2017, he continuously explores pixel drawing and painting techniques.

Specializing in pixel painting with only three primary colours: Red, Green or Blue - Cyan, Magenta or Yellow, Mário constantly pushes the boundaries of his passion for the fundamental physical properties of light, and strives to create more inspiring visual narrative compositions of his scientific subject matter.

Whether working with the aesthetics or the physical or metaphysical reflection of his subject matter, Mário's work is known for its multi-layered artistic composition.

His thirteen series: Receptors, Rainbow, Polarization, Exposure, Double Exposure, Multiple Exposure, Time Exposure, Dodge Burn, Polarizers, Revelation , Dynamics, Mementos and Films are uniquely charged with a rich and vibrant complementary colour palette, refined over a period of more than two years of digital exploration and experimentation.

Deeply associated with his experimentation process, is his abstraction from using commercial photo editing software.

Mário's work is abstracted from artificial intelligence, machine learning, or data mining, in which Mário creates and manipulates photographs from scratch, through the use of programming.

With his stylistic digital paintings, Mário wants to inspire people and seeks to express an intimacy that nurtures the appetite for open interpretation of what he is representing.

Mário currently lives and works in London, United Kingdom and is preparing his debut solo exhibition scheduled to premiere in 2020.

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