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Since its creation in 2017, Mário Sousa.® remains the synonym for luxury, glamour and passion for fine pixel art photography.

Mário Sousa.® creative visual designs are recognized world-wide for its unique style and unprecedented high-definition photography creations.

Mário Sousa.® is the iconic symbol of exceptional dedication of hand-craftsmandship, and elegance in its innovative combination of traditional drawing and painting techniques with programming, quantum physics, human biology, philosophy and fine art photography.

Mário Sousa.® fashionable designs are identified as an iconic culture symbol that nurtures popular curiosity for technology, science, physics and philosophy through the world of fine pixel art photography.

The timeless, sophisticated and artistical visual creations are designed to redefine the individual connection with colours.

Made to be simple, yet expressive, Mário's elegant digital creations shape the colour inside the Men and Women that turn to Mário Sousa.® for a unique an exceptional visual photography experience.

Mário Sousa.® unparalleled manipulation of colour through the laws of physics, human biology, and modern technology offers an intimate connection with colour, that is timeless, causal, fashionable, and attractive to all ages.

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All Complementary Colours Are Painted Only By You.
- Mário Sousa.®, Fine Pixel Artist.

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So You Can Paint Your Colours. One Colour At a Time.


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Mário Sousa.®

Is an international registered and protected trademark for Graphical Fine Art.

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