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Mário Sousa.®

Mário extensively works with light, colour and pixel manipulation to create his digital paintings.

Using light and colour manipulation, he meticously paints each pixel with only one primary colour: Red, Green or Blue, without mixing any of the three colours.

Red. | Receptors Series - Mário's digital hatching and cross-hatching technique.

At first glance, his work defies common understanding.

Mário does not physically create secondary colours, but when it is observed his work is entangled with them.

Although seemingly contradictory, what is observed is not the result of a computer special effect.

But, rather the result of How The Human Eye Perceives Colour.

Mário's resulting aesthetic work is intricately related with the visible physical properties of light, and How Light Waves Transmit The Definition of Colour To The Human Eye.

In his artwork display, Mário strives to achieve optimal light wave communication conditions for the viewer.

With his choreographed multi-layer asthetic composition, Mário presents a painterly narrative for understanding his subject matter, while reflecting on the complexity of the relationship between light and the viewer in the creation of colours.

His body of work is subconsciously drawn from curiosity, exploration and experimentation, in which the relationship between his subject matter, light, colour and the viewer is inseparable.

Unlike the underlying physic complexity of his subject matter, Mário's body of work is intimately simplistic in its expressiveness, in which the viewer is drawn into painting their secondary colours, by simply observing the digital painting.

Uniquely charged with a rich and vibrant secondary colour palette, his series: Rainbow, continues to be characterized by a superposition of primary colours: Red, Green or Blue.

In his series Rainbow, Mário's intimate connection with his subject matter is more visualy highligthed, in which the thin line that connects the two is heavily marked in his digital paintings.

Red. | Rainbow Series - Mário's digital hatching technique painting.

Whether cleary visible through observation or seamlessly invisible in his digital paintings, the viewer continues to be encouraged to connect with his paintings, and unavoidable be drawn into his creative process.

Focusing on creating a painterly trichromatic composition, Mário also strives to incorporate a different perspective on how photography is manipulated through photo editing software.

Mário intentionaly wants his digital paintings to display a raw interpretation of colour, through which he wants to invite the viewer to experience a photograph without mass-market photo editing retouching.

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