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Mário Sousa.®

Portuguese fine pixel artist Mário Sousa.® digitally explores the relationship between light, shadow, primary colours and the viewer in the creation of complementary colours.

In his work, Mário strives to incorporate the visible physical properties of light responsible for the communication of colour to the viewer's retina.

While abstracting himself from mixing primary colours, he opens up an interactive painterly view on the relationship between light, shadow, primary colours and the viewer in the creation of complementary colours.

Mário's work seems paradoxical: on the one hand, he does not physically create complementary colours, on the other, the viewing experience seems to be filled with complementary colours.

His contradictory exploration is marked by an intimate three-part composition.

Mário digitally paints an undividable relationship between light, shadow, and primary colours as the first part. The second part in his composition is sketched out with the physical observation of the viewer.

When both parts combine, they jointly unfold the third and final part of the composition: birth of complementary colours.

By bringing the viewer to the forefront of the composition, he adds a physical dimension to the composition of colours, in which the individual connection between primary and complementary colours is uniquely intimate.

Combining traditional drawing and painting techniques with programming, photography, quantum physics, and human biology, Mário's artistry encourages the exploration of his stylistic pixel-strokes to directly observe the relationship between light, shadow and primary colours that echoes across all pixels.

In between visibly flamboyant colours, he intimately shapes the individual connection with colour, while simultaneously invites us on a borderless journey, in which the division between what is real or unreal, the physical or metaphysical, reality and fantasy pragmatically remains deeply personal.

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All Complementary Colours Are Painted Only By You.
- Mário Sousa.®, Fine Pixel Artist.

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