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Mário Sousa.®

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In his Mementos installation series, Mário digitally explores the relationship between the speed of light in a vaccum, and the viewer in the creation of complementary colours.

Mário's Mementos installation series strives to incorporate the relationship between length contraction, time dilation and the relativity of simultaneity of events - experienced by a photon travelling at the speed of light in a vaccum - with the viewer's materialization of complementary colours.

Reflecting on this relationship, his trichromatic installations are uniquely charged with both a spatial and a temporal relationship between the viewer's observation of complementary colours with light - space-time relationship.

His Receptors, Rainbow, Polarization, Exposure and Revelation series are minutely recombined to reflect on the paradoxical nature of the space-time dimension in the transmission of light wave information to the viewer's retina.

Through an infinite two dimensional projection of the four space-time dimension, Mário's Mementos series, brings a trichromatic paradoxical narrative between space, time, relativity of simultaneity of events with the viewer's observation of complementary colours.

In his Mementos installation series, Mário takes the viewer into a counter-intuitive journey - inbetween projections of both past, present, future, memento - now -, on the discovery of the reality of the relativistic relationship of their intimate observation of complementary colours, with the memento - now - within the space-time dimension.

Mário's Mementos series invites the viewer to explore the paradoxical nature of the duality of space-time through his infinite trichromatic two-dimensional projection, and discover their intimate connection with the fundamental paradoxical nature between space-time and their existencial observation.

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